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Simon Hilbourne is a Marine Biologist, ocean conservationist & underwater photographer. He works for the Manta Trust, leading the Maldives Oceanic Manta Ray Project. Simon developed a passion for the ocean and sea life at a young age and spent a lot of time exploring Thailand’s underwater wonderlands. He pursued his passions academically as well, as he wrote his IB Extended Essay in Geography on coral reefs in Chonburi province.

© Simon Hilbourne

About NIST Geographic

NIST Geographic is a student-run publication that aims to foster creativity and highlight overlooked elements in our day-to-day lives in the NIST community. Our focus ranges from local stories in Bangkok to national and global issues.

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Thailand's Migratory Shorebirds


Shorebirds are a diverse and vibrant group of birds that live along shorelines and intertidal areas. They migrate thousands of kilometers between their nesting and wintering grounds on an annual basis. Thailand is home to a few of the most essential shorebird wintering and staging areas in the East Asian-Australasian flyway, hosting a plethora of endemic and migratory shorebirds, including globally threatened species.

This record of the birds' lives reveals the intricacies and magnificence of shorebirds hidden behind their seemingly mundane appearance and explores the multitude of threats that shorebirds face in Thailand.

© Pera Kasemsripitak