About Us

NIST Geographic is a student-run publication which aims to foster creativity and highlight overlooked elements in our day to day lives in the NIST community. Our focus ranges from local stories in Bangkok to national and global issues.

Our goals are to enhance creativity and service opportunities at NIST, get students to learn experientially, and to deepen learning in subjects such as geography, ESS, and more. ​​

Our Mission

NIST Geographic fosters learning and creativity through the exploration and celebration of our natural and human worlds.

Our Aims

We aim to

  • Encourage photography and journalism amongst members of the NIST community

  • Highlight important local, national and global issues

  • Foster a sense of global citizenship and environmental stewardship

  • Promote exploration and adventure within our NIST community


Andy Dorn

Supervisor and Writing Team Leader

Rei T

Administration Manager and Physical Product Team Leader

Mint R

Chief Editor

Pera K

Webmaster and Photography Team Leader

Matthew N

Writing Team Leader

Koshiro H

Social Media and Graphic Design Team Leader


In recognition of all our valued contributors to articles, photos, and other media.

  • Aaditi B

  • Abi D

  • Andy Dorn

  • Annika Anandsongkit

  • Camille T

  • Ellie Soennichsen

  • Emi Gaspoz

  • Isha B

  • Jap (Tanat) S

  • Julie Lee

  • Katie M

  • Kenshin Ueoka

  • Koshiro H

  • Maher T

  • Mai N

  • Maia Rankine-Griffith

  • Maya S

  • Mick Sheridan

  • Minnie (Sushanan) W

  • Matthew N

  • Mint R

  • Olympie M

  • Pera K

  • Pete S

  • Rei T

  • Reid Wilson

  • Sento U

  • Shivam K

  • Simon Hilbourne

  • Stanley H

  • Tor Bandidwongpaisan

  • Tristan H

Please contact us if your name is not on this list or wish for your name to be removed.