• Andy Dorn

Khao Sok Dreaming -A Photo Journey Through a Dream Like Place

Khao Sok. If I close my eyes and think about this magical place words don’t appear, instead, dream-like images run through my mind. Khao Sok truly is a special place, it’s one of the last remaining true wildernesses ares in South East Asia and is home to incredible landscapes and some very special wildlife. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, take a journey through this special place via these images.

Arriving at our Khao Sok home: Cheow Lan Lake or Rajjaprabha Dam Reservoir is an artificial lake created in 1987 with the construction of the Rajjaprabha Dam. As there are no roads, longtail boats are the main form of transportation

Reach for the sky: When the area was flooded to create the dam, some areas of forest were submerged. But the hardwood trees are so strong that 35 years later many trees still protrude through the water.

Afloat: The accommodation in the National Park is all in the form of floating raft houses. Our raft house sits in 40 metres of some of the freshest water you will find in Thailand.

First light of day: The sun has just risen over the high limestone cliffs encircling the raft house valley, illuminating the are and starting to burn away the clouds that wrapped around the mountains earlier in the morning.

Last light of day: The sunset over the Karst mountains adds colourful hues of light to the sky. The limestone mountain range of Khao Sok runs south through Phangna Bay to Krabi.

A real green screen: NIST students head off on the trail to the famous Namtaloo cave. The trail passes through a pristine natural jungle full of wildlife. In the 1970s this area was actually the refugee of a small guerilla army of several hundred students that that fled political conflict in Bangkok.

Soothing the bodies and souls: The trail into Namtaloo cave crosses small river sn dstram multiple, allowing the hikers too cool off and refresh. The scenery is as soothing on the eyes as the freshwater is to the body.

Reach for the Sky: Khao Sok is part of an ancient rainforest complex. Huge trees with giant butresses as a foundation poke through the lower layers of tree canopies and soar into the light.

Morning Reflections: Khao Sok is fascinating in any weather condition as the scenery evolves and changes quickly depending on the position of the sun and light. This early morning drone shot captures our raft house and clouds reflected in the lake.

Aspire: The limestone landscape creates many spectacular rock formations. These rock spires rise from the lake floor and create a tooth like barrier at the mouth of a bay.

The Tree of Life: Gibbons and Great Hornbills are two of the main keystone species of Khao Sok. Seeing either of them is lucky. But this particular tree was brimming with life, at one stage there were 3 gibbons and 2 Giant hornbills in it’s branches.

Diamond from the Sky: Limestone landscapes create the conditions ideal for cave formation, and Khao Sok has some spectacular and accessible caves. This drone shot shows NIST students entering Diamond cave to explore it’s stalactites and staligmites.

Nature exploration: Kayaking is a popular activity, it’s not only fun but allows for opportunities to explore the parks wildlife. On this years trip some NIST students were lucky enough to watch a family of five elephants bathing and relaxing in this location.