• Reid Wilson

Travel Photography

I love the entire process of travel or landscape photography: researching the places I’d like to visit, figuring out the best season or time of year to go, traveling to the anticipated locations, scouting out the compositions and where I might want to set up hours before I plan to shoot, and arriving early so I can get the angles I’m after. I love the patience of waiting for and anticipating the optimal moment--watching the colors slowly warm on the landscape and the clouds cast shadows of texture down below. I love being there...in some of the most beautiful locations on Earth and just watching life.

I love the solitude of photography. Just me. My camera. My tripod. The landscape. Watching. Waiting. Being. For hours.

And when that small window of time hits and the lighting is right, I love the adrenaline rush of knowing that this will be gone soon and I must find a way to capture the beauty of this moment. And then...click. Click. Click. Click.

I take thousands of photos when I travel. Most get deleted. But every now and again, I get one that captures that moment in time, when nothing else existed but me and what I saw through the lens.

I hold onto those ones, so I can travel back in time when I need to.

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