• Kuhn Mick (Michael Sheridan)

Walking the Streets

As the world's most visited city (source), Bangkok is well-known for its variety of fascinating attractions. But how many of the millions who travel or live here actually explore the streets on foot? Last year, inspired by the inveterate urban hiker Mr. Alex Guenther, I began to regularly venture outside of my immediate neighbourhood for walks of between 8 and 12 kilometres. As I pounded the pavement at pace for exercise purposes, I also tried to capture some interesting, unusual or arresting sights for my Instagram and Facebook feeds. I've discovered that even the sleepiest little side-soi manages to throw up surprising sights to marvel at and think about as I perspire my way through these strolls. Rather than the camera being a distraction, I've found that attempting to view my surroundings with a somewhat creative eye actually seems to focus my mind more on what lies before me. Bangkok is endlessly beautiful, diverse and puzzling, and I am truly enjoying unravelling each new neighbourhood on foot. As hard as it can be to leave the air-conditioning behind, I encourage everyone to step out and dive into the diverse, dazzling metropolis we call home.

Frogs - Grilled frogs ready to take home, enormously popular with the local crowd but a flavour I’m not yet ready for…

Corn - Steaming boiled corn laid out enticingly on a basket with such beautiful patterns and colours, simple and delicious!

Building - One of the preserved older style buildings in the grounds of the Phaya Thai Palace close to Victory Monument. Wanderers welcome.

Lizard - Lively detail from a huge piece of public art on a wall in T. Pridi Banomyong.

Cables and Wires - Interested to know how many total kilometres of cables there must be in the skies of Bangkok.

Face - By Alex Face! Probably Thailand’s most famous graffiti artist.

Graffiti Protest - Would love to know the story behind this one?

Concrete Castle - The work of a skilled wall builder with too much time on their hands.

Thief Warning - I wondered why it was only in English and Mandarin and exactly when do they set off the spinning red light?

BBQ Pork - Too much BBQ is never enough!